Happy Talk

Launched by Heidi Dokulil and Liane Rossler in 2011, Happy Talk is an initiative that brings people and ideas together through design projects, exhibitions, workshops, talks and publishing. Some of our projects start collaborations between diverse cultures and across generations, others are about rediscovering traditions and developing new skills and resourceful ways to make everyday things.

Liane Rossler is a central figure within Australia’s arts and design sector. A passionate spokesperson and ambassador for key issues related to the creative industries and the environment, Liane is involved in numerous collaborations, exhibitions and projects including Supercyclers, a design project focused on clever and beautiful reuse of waste shown at the recent Milan Design Week. Liane is also well known as Dinosaur Designs’ co-founder and former designer and director for 25 years.

Heidi Dokulil is a former editor of Monument magazine, co-founder of The Parcel Group, the creative entrepreneurship program Springboard and the Australian Design Unit. Heidi is involved in a broad sweep of design industry activities from writing, publishing, creative direction and curating, to cross-cultural exchange that connects people and ideas at a grassroots level.

Working together, Heidi and Liane are building new conversations between the creative industry and wider community to encourage surprising, resourceful and self-sufficient design.