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Thank you

Happy Talk would like to thank the following people and organisations for their generosity and support in making the Happy Talk House for Art & About Sydney 2011.


Building the house



Saskia Howard, Sydney Cycle Chic

Saskia Howard is a passionate blogger, photographer, sustainable design lover and agitator for social change. Her blog, Sydney Cycle Chic, is part of a growing global blog movement committed to a new style of bicycle advocacy by showing positive, everyday imagery of people on bikes.


Florence Kamel & the Goroka weavers

Florence Kamel is an internationally respected Bilum artist based in Goroka, Papua New Guinea, and the Principal Designer of Jaukae Bilum Products. Commissioned by Happy Talk, Florence and 10 local weavers created the largest Bilum the group had ever made.


Tracey Deep

Happy Talk worked with Tracey Deep on the Lei Day workshop held at the Happy Talk House during Art & About Sydney.


Maryann Talia Pau

Maryann Talia Pau is a weaver, artist and designer. Born in Apia, Samoa, and now living in Melbourne, her work begins with Mana Couture body adornment, a collection of Pacific couture and art using materials and craft techniques from Samoa and across the Pacific.


Sione Falemaka

A triple citizen of Polynesian descent, artist Sionemaletau was born in Niue and now lives, studies and works in Sydney. He produces work based on traditional weavings learnt from his grandmother and passed down the generations.