Happy Talk press

The Happy Talk project was well documented with over 5,000 photos and a series of specialty films.

We created a Happy Talk website that included profiles on the participants, workshops and projects. http://happytalk.net.au/

The site received over 85,000 hits during the project.

We designed and printed 10,000 copies of the Happy Talk broadsheet, which was given to everyone who visited the Happy Talk house, and distributed throughout the city.

Happy Talk was featured on numerous websites, including State of Green and those listed below.


We engaged actively in social media, and had Twitter and Facebook messages and photos leading up to and running all the way through the project. This generated much interest and feedback and reached an audience of many thousands. Numerous people mentioned that they had attended because of the updates they saw and read.

Some photos posted by @HelloHappyTalk on Twitter here: http://yfrog.com/user/HelloHappyTalk/photos and more on the Facebook page

We collaborated with numerous organisations to get increase exposure and audiences. Some of these included features on the websites of:

Oceanic Art Society: http://www.oceanicartsociety.org.au/calendar.html
Sydney Architecture Festival: http://www.sydneyarchitecturefestival.org/component/option,com_events/Itemid,109/agid,69/task,view_detail/
Papermill: http://thepapermill.org.au/
Sydney Cycle Chic: http://www.sydneycyclechic.org/2011/10/oh-happy-day.html
CoFA: http://www.cofa.unsw.edu.au/events/archive/392

Stuart Harrison from Melbourne featured Happy Talk on his 3RRR architecture show. Happy Talk was mentioned in the SMH Spectrum by Arts Writer Andrew Frost.

In regards to additional press, The City of Sydney publicity facilitated a 2SER radio interview during one of the talks and featured Happy Talk in the Art & About guide.