Happy Talk House

Happy Talk was held in Sandringham Gardens, Hyde Park from September 23 – October 23, 2011,  as part of Art & About Sydney. Inspired by resourcefulness, local materials and knowledge, and our Pacific neighbours, the project included talks, workshops, artwork commissions and performances over the four week period. The house was open five days a week […]


Sydney Architecture Festival

Inspired by the inventive building skills of Pacific Island communities, the Happy House building workshop was part of the 2011 Sydney Architecture Festival, engaging children in resourceful ways to build.


Tivaivai workshop

The Tivaivai workshop lead by Mereana Taruia shared the Pacific Island tradition within the contemporary context of the Happy Talk House.


Happy Talk Talks

During Art & About Sydney, Happy Talk invited creative members of the Pacific Islands community to share their inspiring stories.


Happy Talk @ The Paper Mill

Happy Talk and The Paper Mill created an interactive, engaging, vibrant atmosphere with inspiring workshops and talks every day from 5 to 8 October, 2011.


Lei Day workshops

Across Pacific Island communities lei giving is a gesture of welcoming. The Lei Day lunchtime workshops are designed to bring people together during the creative process of making.


Bicycle workshops

Happy Talk Bicycle workshops during Art & About Sydney included colourful basket making and accessories made from local and found materials.