Sione Falemaka

“I am interested in representations of traditional methods and new interpretations of them. It’s always good to have a ritual that goes with the work as it has more value. Happy Talk is both a ritual and a community event for sharing, making, laughing and talking!”

A triple citizen of Polynesian descent, artist Sionemaletau was born in Niue and now lives, studies and works in Sydney. He produces work based on traditional weavings learnt from his grandmother and passed down the generations. His designs shift in scale and involve beads, feathers, seeds, yarns, dyes, textiles and other recycled materials like celluloid film that weave their way into his work. Represented by the Kerrie Lowe Gallery, Sione’s work has a very personal take on traditional Polynesian weaving preparations, methods and techniques.

Sione collaborated with Happy Talk on a number of projects during Art & About, including a series of Bicycle basket weaving workshops, Lei Day workshops, a talk at the Happy Talk House and workshops with The Paper Mill.