Tracey Deep

“I am always looking for new materials to work with and I am inspired by discarded industrial materials. For me materials are often the starting point, they feed the idea.”

Tracey Deep began her career working with Sydney artists Susan Avery and Alison Coates in the early 1990s. With a free creative reign, it was here that she started exploring ideas through texture and shapes, looking at things with an artist’s eye. Architecture and landscapes are big influences, the old texture of cities and the scale of mountains. You can see this in the breadth of Tracey’s work, from living sculptures (floral) to large-scale exhibition pieces (industrial) that involve steel and wire, lightness and shadow. The strength of Tracey’s work is in its simplicity and its repetition of strong shapes, colours and textures.

Happy Talk worked with Tracey on the Lei Day workshop at the Happy Talk House that involved found materials, beautiful colour and local eucalyptus leaves.